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Wash Day, Reimagined

Wash Day, Reimagined

By Crown Affair

When the time comes to wash your hair, it can be a drag. The process of washing your hair can feel like just another task that you need to squeeze into your schedule. It's often thought of as something that you have to do out of obligation either because you think your hair looks dirty or it’s just that time of the week. But what if washing your hair didn’t have to feel like a chore?

Imagine this: it’s time to wash your hair and you aren’t dreading it because it’s now a practice that you look forward to—washing your hair is something you covet. How? You’ve turned your wash day into an intentional experience that both cleanses your strands and soothes your mind. It’s in the ritual, not the routine, that we can find joy and comfort in washing our hair. 

To create your wash day ritual, first select a shampoo and conditioner that are free of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and silicons—like our Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner. These high-quality products are gentle enough to use on your strands and scalp everyday so you can wash your hair whenever you want rather than waiting because it’s “bad to wash everyday.” Then find the time of day that feels best for you. Set up your space to be a relaxing environment by lighting a candle or dimming your lights. Give yourself a few minutes beforehand to calm your mind. Wash and condition your hair as a form of self-care. Practice visualization, try intention setting, center your thoughts on a mantra, or simply dream about your future. Shift the wash day paradigm away from lather, rinse, repeat to cleanse, rinse, ritual

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